The Power of Facebook for your Business

Engage with your customers while at the same time you grow your business and elevate your branding profile. All you need to do is set up a Facebook business page, get subscribers (fans) and then know what to do with them! Almost 850,000,000 people using Facebook its definitely a useful media you can use Read more

Invasion of the Cyber Hackers

At one time a persons main concern for security was whether their home, car, or business would be broken into. Once in a while there would be an armed bank robbery but for the most part - crime and thievery had a face. Then we move into the digital world and our information is swiped from scanners and Read more

Retargeting and Remarketing

This is one of the coolest and the creepiest forms of marketing there is. You may have noticed that when you look up a particular product online, go to their website, then later - no matter where you go online, you see an ad for that product or business. What is Retargeting and Remarketing? What Read more

Local Business Online Advertising

While others zig, you can zag. Its a knee jerk reaction to cut all sorts of spending in economic downturns and the novice entrepreneur often chooses to cut their advertising budget and cling to hopes of client loyalty and dreams of "word-of-mouth". Loyalty is a good thing but even the biggest brands Read more

Using Social Media Effectively

How much you understand about how to use social media for your business has a direct effect on your brands visibility. Using the social platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a way to increase your engagement, and the awareness of your brand in the social community. Learning how to use social media Read more