Local Business Online Advertising

While others zig, you can zag.

Its a knee jerk reaction to cut all sorts of spending in economic downturns and the novice entrepreneur often chooses to cut their advertising budget and cling to hopes of client loyalty and dreams of “word-of-mouth”.

Loyalty is a good thing but even the biggest brands know they have to constantly be ‘out there’ so they will be fresh in your mind for the day you need their services.

Advertising online can be quite expensive if you go at it the same way you approach the offline ad hoc methods.


If you start with a few of the networks that are more likely to be successful, learn their methods, test your conversions and stay on top of it… you could quickly increase the number of your customers.

Rather than treating your online marketing efforts as an expense, because of the nature of the internet, you can consider them an investment.

The most common and most used is Google AdWords. They give you the ability to completely target the area of your marketing efforts. So if you want to have your ads showing only to people who live in the Halifax area, you can do that. You also have the ability to exclude certain areas that you don’t want to advertise to.

As well, you get to choose the methods of billing. You will be charged only if a potential client clicks on your ad, or you can choose to be billed by by the number of times your ad is seen.

Another popular advertising avenue is on Facebook. The biggest difference with Facebook advertising is its more of an “interruptive” advertising style. Meaning that when people see your ads, they weren’t looking for your product or service – but – there you are. Similar to television style advertising.

Whats really cool about FB marketing is you can super target your audience. Because Facebook is a social network, peoples gender, age, interests, likes, as well as their geographic location can all be considered when selecting your options.

This way the only people that will see your ad are the ones that fit your customer profile and you choose to pay per click, or by number of impressions.

LinkedIn is another type of social network initially attractive to the professional business or persons that offer B2B commodity – like lawyers and accountants. Today it isn’t as ‘exclusive’ as it once was and there is much to be gained to set up your profile and take advantage of their advertising methods – even for tradespeople and general knowledge workers.

LinkedIn has advertising settings that allow you to hone in on specific companies and job titles as well as location.

Regardless of the avenue(s) you choose to put your marketing budget, its a good idea to keep a close eye on whats working and what isn’t. Keep making small changes and remember that each platform has its nuances.

You know that if you get 100 clicks and no phone calls, something needs to change in the way you are marketing your message.