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Have you been looking around because you know your business NEEDS a website only to find that “affordable” means “ugly” and “nice” translates into “really expensive”?

How would you like to have a really nice, kick-ass, make your competition jealous, SEO optimized, fully functional, Content Management System, made specifically for YOU – Website?

Rent a Website

For as LOW as $67 per month?

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We here at B&MO have a soft spot in our hearts for the small business entrepreneur. We also know that to compete online you need a highly technical web presence and goodness knows that technology has a shorter half-life than a fruit fly.

Save Money by Renting your Website

Renting a website will make perfect sense to anyone who understands the ever changing and rapidly evolving nature of technology innovation and online search engines.

We develop very powerful, elegant, and sophisticated websites. We won’t do any less than that.

We also recognize that keeping up with with the ever evolving nature of software development can get very expensive.

A properly developed website begins with evaluating your competition, design, selection of appropriate content, and being able to upgrade your website as needed. Sometimes this can be a daily task for a fully optimized CMS website.

When you choose to rent your website you have several flexibility’s over your competition. For starters your rental agreement includes the security of your website and your server. your website is secure and guarded against hacking, malware, and potential server issues.

Should anything ever happen to your rental site we will prioritize your needs and work around the clock to repair the problem right away. Another advantage is we absorb the majority of the costs for the design, development and optimization of your new website. We will ensure your site is continuously upgraded to match the current coding preferences of the day.

Your website rental agreement is specific to your needs. It can also include YOUR business updates. For example you may want to advertise different events on a weekly or monthly basis. Rather than having to pay extra for each change, these events can be anticipated and included in your low monthly fee.

What else?

There is no upfront fee. We build on spec!

If you don’t like our work we will fix it or make it go away.

If you do like our work you have 30 days before monthly rental charges start.

Also we can set you up on an affordable “rent-to-own” plan so you can end up owning your website outright over time.


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