Using Social Media to Get Clients

Social media – like other forms of media, is a way to attract customers and increase your bottom line. It’s cheap (if not free) and all messages go out in real-time.

If done right!

And that’s where many business’s struggle with using this platform in their business.

One of the quickest ways to get people into your social networks is by using what you already have to move people over. For example, when you have someone in your store let them know if they ‘like’ your page they can get an immediate 20% off coupon.

You can also partner up with other online business’s to cross promote for you. What about a complimentary business that you can share your customers.

Maybe donate or sponsor an event. Still using similar ‘bribing’ tactics to get people to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ or ‘friend’ your social networks. This enables you to directly communicate with your subscribers later.

For paid options the social networks are great for getting your message out. You can set up advertising campaigns that cost only pennies a click and are super targeted to your ideal customer.

Because this platform is different, advertising may mean using additional incentives to get your prospect to act. Perhaps offering free shipping, savings, or special offers.

Another effective form of marketing is with content. This means producing articles, video’s, podcasts and the like that help the search engines find your message resulting in sending traffic.

Types of Social Media Traffic

Once you do have a successful campaign going and you have begun to build a following you will notice that there are basic types or personalities that respond differently to your messages.

One is the Observer. These guys are watching, reading, and listening – but you won’t get much in the way of participation out of them. The best way to get a response from an observer is to contact them directly in a way that will require a response – like a question or a survey.

Another is quite predictable in their behaviour online. They easily interact when you expect them to and are regularly online looking for something you can provide them of value.

What makes this type of follower so valuable is because they are always interacting with you and easily sharing your messages with their friends, they are integral to building your following. Because they are predictable by nature, learn what moves them and be sure to supply the content that inspires them to ‘like’, comment, and ‘share’.

Of course there is everything in between.

By learning how to interact with your followers once you have gotten them will improve your social profile, and that can translate into increased customers and sales.