The Power of Facebook for your Business

Engage with your customers while at the same time you grow your business and elevate your branding profile. All you need to do is set up a Facebook business page, get subscribers (fans) and then know what to do with them!

Almost 850,000,000 people using Facebook its definitely a useful media you can use with your business.

Choosing to run your own marketing campaign doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. There are some really nifty things that even the biggest companies are using effectively.

One of the first things you want to do is secure the URL you want people to find you under. You want it to be simple for people to search and closely related to your business.

Some companies will tell you that using automated software or ‘pushing’ feed to your facebook page is a good idea and will save time. DON’T DO IT – unless – you want your posts to be ignored. Facebook is a place to be personal, personable, and interactive.

Not the place to automate.


Setting up your design to be attractive, with relevant header and tabs as well as structuring your timeline in an interesting fashion will increase user engagement which in turn increases your ‘likes’ and fanbase.

Setting up different tabs with coupons, information, and even product pages is also a good idea. By engaging people within Facebook and keeping them there you can successfully build an online store within the Facebook platform.

Using Facebook apps is another way to encourage interaction. These can be installed on your website or other places to start conversations, get people involved, and drive them to your Facebook business page.

Other tools available will allow you to track the ‘what’ and ‘when’ people are being involved with on your page. You can learn when the best time of day to publish, what keywords your audience responds to best, the type of media they like, and more.

You can market directly to your local area using the customized targeting available in the Facebook Ads. Incentives you can offer could be coupons that are printable and used to encourage people to come into your store. People like the feeling of a local business talking directly to them and recognising their importance.

You can also incorporate the QR code with your Facebook business page. These can be put on just about anything your business has – business cards, mugs, t-shirts. Use the curiosity and power to leverage the QR code for your business.

One little piece of advice. You may want to consider using a dynamic URL so you can change it at anytime without having to re-do your QR code.

When you start to use the Facebook Ads you will see there are several choices to be made. You may want to promote a special, your page, concentrate on branding or direct them to your website. Getting an ad that converts may take a little bit of experimentation but once you’ve got a good one you will see the results.