Retargeting and Remarketing

This is one of the coolest and the creepiest forms of marketing there is.

You may have noticed that when you look up a particular product online, go to their website, then later – no matter where you go online, you see an ad for that product or business.

What is Retargeting and Remarketing?

What happened was when you went to that site, or clicked on a previous ad, there was a cookie dropped on your computer so you will be ‘remembered’ as having visited that site. The remarketing advertisement company has their scripts coded so you will be target marketed.

It may seem like that particular company that is stalking you all over the internet and must be paying millions to be everywhere but they aren’t.

You can do this with your business too.

cool right?

When this powerful marketing is used properly, it can shorten the buying time of a customer. Studies show it takes an average of seven exposures of an ad for an individual to make a purchase.

And don’t worry it is all legal. There is no personal information being exchanged, just and identifier that knows when your customer has visited a page.

This technology can be used for even more things like determining WHEN people leave your website, or where. This can help you to identify things that may need fixing.

Just think of the power of being able to target qualified leads – on the internet.