Buying vs Renting A Website

Everyone is familiar with the options of owning or renting a home and even owning a website, but renting a website may be new to you so lets look at this option a little closer.

Owning your own home makes sense so WHY would you want to rent a website? Well… for the flexibility and ease of affordability of course.

If you buy a house you have a significant up front investment and you still likely have a monthly mortgage payment PLUS the cost of maintenance and improvements.

Owning your “Own Website” might SEEM like a good idea at first, BUT once you have parted with thousands of dollars and oodles of time you STILL have monthly payments for hosting, SEO, and updates.

Buying vs Renting A Website – What’s The Best Option?

WHAT IF… you could have it all rolled into ONE, very little investment up front and each month you KNEW your payments were going towards continuous improvements and highly competitive ranking strategies in the Search Engines?

Sound like a dream come true?

Well Big Business InsideTM offers this amazing solution!

With packages for EVERY ambition and market we can customize an online marketing plan that will include a search engine and customer friendly website, ongoing seo and more.