Tracking your Return on Investment

To effectively have an advertising campaign you have to have the means of tracking your return on investment. In other words, do you know what is it costing you to advertise / market your product compared to how much you are bringing in? Each new customer has an acquisition cost. But this isn't the only Read more

Search Engine Optimization

You keep hearing about search engine optimization so what exactly does it mean? Search engine optimization (often referred to as SEO) is the process of improving or optimizing the ranking of a webpage or website in the search engines’ natural results. When someone searches for something in a search engine Read more

Using QR Code for Local Business Marketing

Perhaps you are wondering what QR codes are and what their usefulness is to you and your business. The main truth is they could be very valuable, but currently in our neck of the woods they haven't really caught on yet. In other places in the world they are a fabulous communication and marketing tool. Is Read more

Social Media You and The Kids

Facebookin' ain't for kids anymore. It is a real place that uses a whole different marketing strategy. Done right and increase your customer base and your bottom line. Engaging with customers by branding yourself in a social atmosphere is what happens when you put your company on Facebook. But what do Read more