How to Get Street Cred for Your Business

With all the cheating and broken promises its no surprise that the average consumer is a little wary of you if they have never dealt with you before. Its one thing to have a lot of bold claims but how do you intend to back them up in a believable way? I mean EVERYBODY has the best one right? What makes Read more

Never Pay for Ratings

There are many companies out there that will tell you that your rankings in the search engines can be affected by having good reviews and negatively affected by bad reviews. That is a true statement - in a simplistic way. Unfortunately it opens the door to scammers and spammers of all types and you may Read more

Managing your Reputation Online

Regardless of the size of your company it really does matter what people say about you. Some companies can afford to cheat all the rules and fake a good reputation but most of us can't so it takes diligence and paying close attention. When first starting out take the time to build your reputation in Read more

How to Have your Business Publicly Humiliated

I have been saying this for a very long time "DON"T BUY REVIEWS" There is nothing you do online that isn't tracked, traced, quantified, and qualified. Including paying for people to give your business positive reviews. Perhaps you have felt it unfair that your competition was doing this and getting Read more