Brochures Flyers and Pamphlets

effective-flyer-advertisingBrochures can be like mini posters are used to convey a fair quantity of information. Usually when printed on both sides and folded in thirds it is referred to as a pamphlet. Of course you can just fold them in half and use them as inserts in the local paper or bulk mail – then they are called “flyers”.

A tear-off flyer or tab-flyer is something commonly seen pinned up on bulletin boards, stapled to telephone polls, or in other high foot traffic areas. These have little ‘tabs’ that have been cut on the bottom that have a quick little reminder message or phone number whereas the main part of the paper has the main message. The biggest mistake I see people make with these are to have a phone number but no other information on the tear tab.

Using Flyers and Brochures for Marketing

This is another opportunity to print your logo to cement your brand.

Flyer Marketing
Use your flyer to announce the benefits of your company as opposed to listing all your company / product features. With an 8.5 x 11″ piece of paper and two blank sides, it can be tempting to fill it with ‘stuff’. Unless you are using it as a mini newsletter or pamphlet, its better to get your point across quickly and legibly.

You want to have a captivating headline that raises the interest of the person who has happened upon your flyer.

The flyer isn’t your sales pitch, it is a lead generating tool to get people to take a specific action. You want them to call you, come into the store, or sign up for a catalog service.

Make sure your message is clear and relevant. A picture of an elephant wearing a tutu might get people to look but unless you are advertising the circus is in town, your headline has to be clear.

Make your flyers more effective by having an expiry date. Each flyer can be for a special promotion, limited quantity, or event.

Brochure Marketing
Use brochures as a ‘more information’ system to leave behind after a meeting, or a ‘take one’ for clients as they leave your store.

Send these out direct mail as a follow up or reminder.

Don’t waste the cost of printing and mailing either. Make sure there is a call to action that your prospect will respond to immediately. Example – “Like our Facebook page for a chance to win…” That way you will have another point of contact for this prospect.