Business Card Designs and Uses

A nicely designed business card is still needed for most businesses today. Even with email and websites it is a good idea to have something that you can physically hand your customer.

Its true that cards often get thrown out, but there are ways you can make them a little more useful to give them a little more ‘hang time’.

You can get innovative with your card like adding a coupon to the back for a savings or printing a QR Code on your card so people have the option of auto inputting your business information to their smart phones.

For some people your business card is their first introduction to your company. If they find your card at an event or even pinned to a shopping mall bulletin board, its a good idea to have some call to action on your card to get them to your website.

“I was here”

A business card represents you and your company. If your card is cheap and designed without any obvious thought – that will communicate to your customer the importance of work detail you put into your business. If your card is uninspiring, you may be losing leads.

Have cards on you at all times, its always good to offer your business card when you meet someone – even if they throw it away later on.

You can also use business cards as appointment reminders, request feedback or a review, suggest call-to-actions like “join us on Facebook”, or any number of ideas.

If you make a habit of always leaving your cards behind, whether it is after a business meeting or you missed someone in their office, use them as your calling card. You can put a note on the back of it too saying you stopped by to say hi and wondered how they are doing. This one small gesture will let them know you are thinking about them.