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Effectively branding your business name and services has the effect of pushing your company to the forefront of your target clients consciousness when they are seeking or considering the products and / or services you offer. Read more on “What is Business Branding”

Graphic Design Services

Logo Design
Selecting the right logo to represent your company can have you spinning your wheels. You can hire graphic artists and have them draw over and over again until they quit. You can hold contests and pay when you get a logo you like. You can have several different artists do a simple sketch, then choose your favourite one to whittle into your branding emblem. Or – you can dry and draw it yourself. Explore all the logo design options.

Business Card Design
Once you have decided on a logo, on of the first steps in branding your business is to get a batch of nice business cards. Business cards can be self-printed (NOT recommended – it looks cheap), printed from an online company (there are some I can recommend), or have them done at an established local printer. Once you have chosen a design, card stock, and printing method there are some great ways to use your card for networking and generating business.

Brochure / Flyer Design
Flyers, tear-off flyers, brochure’s, or pamphlets all can be used effectively to promote your business, an event, or a special promotion you have. They have several uses and with a smart design specific for their purpose, they can generate leads, customers, and sales. Here are some things to consider before designing your brochures.

QR Codes
A Qr Code is similar to the bar codes you are familiar with on retail items. It is a graphic that contains the information you program into it and can be simply scanned with a ‘reader’ from any smart phone. In business there are many uses that can generate leads, interest, and sales. You can generate your own QR Codes for free using online tools, or pay to have more decorative codes made. Discover some of the uses of QR Codes for your business.

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