Be a Different Kind of Company

differentiate-yourself-How can your company or product be different when it really is just the same as your competitors?

What can you do? Lower your price? Add extra service?

But wait… There’s more!

If you don’t have something inherently different in your business you can add it or make it up.

As an example – lets look at raisins. I know as soon as you read that you immediately had a red box jump to mind and [if you are of the age where you have to wear reading glasses] can hear a singing chorus of cartoon raisins chiming “Heard it Through the Grapevine”.

We now feel that the best raises are California Raisins. That was not by accident my friend – THAT was BRANDING!

Differentiating Your Brand

Several years ago raisins were just raisins until this group of California Raisin growers got together and created a brand that became so successful that it began to spawn independent media attention and by-products.

Toys were manufactured (the singing raisins) that sold more than enough to pay for the entire promotional costs of the raisin branding campaign itself.

Raisin Bran Cereal uses the spin-off popularity and boasts of containing “Two Scoops of California Raisins”.

Another example of a successful way to be different in a same-same industry is the Gans Ink® company. They came up with an innovative way of standing apart form other ink supply companies.

When they would package their ink to ship off to a customer they would include Tootsie Rolls in with the Styrofoam peanuts that were used for protective packaging. When the parcel would arrive at its destination, work would come to a halt while the customers would sift through the products and packaging to find the Tootsie Rolls.

Fun and happiness from with these surprise chocolates became associated with the Gans Ink® Brand in the minds of their customers.

Being different, even when you are the same can really help stand above the rest in your market.

Find out the importance of being the first to make your brand.