Defining Your Brand

memorable-brandsTo get into peoples minds and stay inside, you must first find out what’s inside.


By this I mean, can you identify what you say about your company? Are you a small local business or a national chain? Do you carry exclusive and expensive products? Is your staff friendly? What are your corporate colours and what do they mean?

When branding your company you must first decide on your brand qualities. The reason for this is to ensure that further decisions for the company are based on the brand you desire to build as opposed to whim or personal taste.

This way – every time you have a decision to make you can qualify your choice by asking this one question: “Will this [decision] communicate or verify our Brand?” If your answer isn’t ‘yes’ you need to re-think your decision.

Being Different is Memorable

As much as people try their darnedest to ‘fit in’ to avoid sticking out, this isn’t the best choice when you are trying to be noticed as a business.

Being different and focused on ONE thing will work even better. Look at the branding of Starbucks, Toys ‘R’ Us, Subway etc. They define (in order) Coffee, toys, and sandwiches.

What about Walmart you ask? Well, they beat the snot out of everyone on price. Can you compete on price?

If your message isn’t clear to your consumer, your consumer doesn’t know why you are there…

Be Courageous, Be Different

So what do you do best? What makes you shine? Where is that one place in the consumers brain that you can move beyond the clutter and claim as your own.

Companies (new and old) will avoid concentrating on one thing for different reasons. Newer companies aren’t aware of what they do best yet, and older companies have shifted their focus to try and get a bigger piece of the market pie.

The fear of “all the eggs in one basket” mentality has people trying to serve far too many. The core issue with diversification is the damage caused by diluting your message. If your message isn’t clear to your consumer, your consumer doesn’t know why you are there, and therefore will have no reason to buy from you.

Branding is getting into the brain of your consumer and that requires a specific strategy with a focused message.

What can you do to be different?