Building Brand by Word of Mouth

Advertising alone is not enough to build an effective brand. As much as advertising companies would like you to believe otherwise.

If money and advertising alone could buy a position of favour, Henry Ross Perot would have become President of the USA.

Publicity Builds Brands

Well thought out publicity will build a brand and advertising can keep it going. This means you need a good PR (Public Relations) strategy.

Some simple things you can do to build awareness is through the media. If you have a news-worthy event like a new employee or special interest promotion – this is a good opportunity for a press release.

But don’t be boring about it.

The new employee news announcement will be interesting to them and perhaps their mother. But will it be interesting to anyone else? Can you make it interesting?

Why did you hire this new person, what new special thing are they bringing to your company? Do you sell sporting goods and your new employee raises money for charity by participating in marathons?

Why not tie this in with your social media marketing? For example you can make the news announcement of your new employee and for everyone who drops by your Facebook page to welcome her /him to the company will receive a 20% off coupon.

Free Business Marketing

You have a better chance of being published and picked up on the news wire if your press release is professionally written and contains top quality images or graphics. A well done press release can grow legs. A poorly done press release will die on the spot.

Although you can write up an advertisement and pay for a position in a magazine or newspaper there are three main differences.

1. Cost: a print ad can cost $5000 or more and will only take up the space that was paid for, whereas a well framed press release can occupy full page or even span across several pages.

2. Authenticity: a paid ad generates automatic skepticism where a news story conveys believability.

3. Attention: by habit people READ articles and SKIM advertisements.

Generally speaking, an effective PR campaign is between 10 to 20 times the value of advertising alone.

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