Web Design Packages

We really do hope you check out other companies to see what they are offering for a web design service and packages.

Then come check out what we go through to make sure your design is more than just a website design. Here at WebSite Design Victoria BC we make certain that your website is a real piece of online real estate that comes with a solid foundation.

We also understand that not everyone has the budget for a top of the line website.

That why we have both a Done For You service that starts as low as $97. If you need more than that but still have a tight budget and can’t afford to buy, we offer you the ability to rent, or lease your website.

Do it Yourself instruction is available for the ambitious entrepreneur who really wants a high quality website but just needs to know the what, where, and when.

The DIY starts as low as $0 for a free book called “How to Make a Website”. If you are feeling really brave, you can also have access to the DIY Small Business membership site where you will find video and step by step instruction.

OR – you can choose a company who have some terrific DIY web templates – You can find out more in the DIY Marketing section.

To help you to decide what you need in a website design, here is a questionnaire you can download and fill out.

If you haven’t done much research on websites then a lot of the language may be foreign to you. That’s OK, it can be quite confusing and that’s what we are here for.

Here are our more popular website packages: