Top Branding Strategies

sexy-ads-for-brandingBranding involves marketing stratagies but it isn’t about advertising per se. 

Branding isn’t focused on selling your product or service, it is about awareness and familiarity.

Don’t get caught up in trying to sell your product during a branding campaign. People are in a hurry, otherwise occupied, and most are not necessarily interested in what you are selling.

They will, however, take notice of a clever branding campaign.

Keep your branding marketing simplistic and easy to digest.

What Type of Advertising Works?

Studies have concluded that the two top performers in advertising, that effectively grabs the attention of the viewer and conveys the intended message, are; humor and sex (no real surprise there!)

Its seems that people will stop what they are doing to look at a funny or sexy ad.

Of course – if it were only that easy – we would all have funny, sexy, people at the forefront of every advertising campaign.

Not everything is funny, or can be associated with funny (funeral services for one).

As well, not all things can be appropriately associate with sex or sex appeal as easily as beer, perfume, or cars.

Three prime examples of simple, strong, direct, and focused branding messages are:

1. Just Do It!Nike®; Simple images that say it all – just walk, just run, just swim etc. Their marketing became so effective all they need is their ‘swoosh’ logo and you instinctively KNOW what it means.

2. Everywhere You Want to Be!VISA®; Freedom!

3. Like a Rock!Chevy Trucks®; Solid, reliable, dependable.

These advertisements have a simple marketing message. They don’t pitch, they don’t try and suck you into a sales negotiation.

To get people to listen to your sales message they need to already be interested in what you are selling.

That is where your website comes in.

After people have seen your positive message they will want to followup and find out more about you, your work, and other details that are important for them to make their buying decision.

The Big Marketing Idea

Presenting everything you stand for in one little marketing message takes skill and confidence. Much of the difficulty in defining your message comes from the fact that you as the business manager services a variety of customers. Choosing or identifying what your customer feels the one or two MOST important things you offer is in complete opposition to the detailed multitude of services that is required for you to service your customers needs.

All the little stuff is important but it is only one BIG THING that will get their attention.

What is your key concept?

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