How to Get Street Cred for Your Business

gain business credibility

With all the cheating and broken promises its no surprise that the average consumer is a little wary of you if they have never dealt with you before. Its one thing to have a lot of bold claims but how do you intend to back them up in a believable way?

I mean EVERYBODY has the best one right? What makes you so special and why believe YOU?

Set about putting some time into gathering up the credibility that you can transmute through different online platforms.

Starting with your existing reputation. What are your current customers saying about you? See what you can do about gathering support in the way of testimonials. These can be video testimonials, written on your website, on your Google+ Page, running commentary on your Facebook page, Yelp or any place that a customer can place their five stars and raving review.

Another thing you can do is put together comprehensive and public case study. Perhaps interview someone who had benefited from your product or service. Turn it into a video, or a downloadable report. Heck – if its news worthy, put it in the media.

Using the media is a fairly simple thing to do. Make up a press release and send it out to get picked up by your local news agency.

Use your social media to openly engage with your current and prospective customers. It isn’t just for posting baby pictures or sales. You can use your business page in very similar fashion to the way you use your personal page. Be personable and interesting. People love to get involved.

Perhaps you can get involved in a local charity or do a presentation at the next town meeting or commerce group. Give something of value. These people aren’t just possible customers they are your neighbours. By getting out and mingling and passing on valuable service, you get a huge leg up on the mega store.

People like to buy from people they know and like.

Do your best to do your best. Be honest in business, sincere in your work ethic and take care of your customer and the good word will spread.

If you do end up with some bad press, take care of it and be open about it. Someone complains on the internet about you, your business, your service, don’t expect their written words to go away anytime soon. Anything written in cyberspace is there forever so deal with it the same way you would if they were standing in front of you.