How to Put your Ads on Tablets

business ads on tablet
Businesses need to spend money on advertising.

But where?

With the world going mobile we all have to adapt and part of this means having the ability to reach our targeted audience wherever they are, including through their tablets.

Although mobile marketing is similar, the people with tablets do behave differently than a mobile phone user and the recent trends show that the new money being spent on advertising will be directed more and more to the tablet user.

Designing your advertising for the tablet will have to be different because the tablet has a larger screen. This is good for you because you can get more of a message across. Your products will look better and because the screen is larger the likelihood of a potential client actually clicking on your ad is increased.

Just as an aside, the predictions for tablet sales are projected to increase from the anticipated 170 million for 2013 to a whopping 650 million by 2016.

People always have their phones with them now. They are a part of everybody’s wardrobe and there is no doubt that reaching your target via the smart phone is just plain smart.

Reaching out through the medium of the tablet is to the group who use the tablet for entertainment – watching videos and surfing. Also many users use them for work and getting information while they are on the move. With the larger screen it is more adept to being used in similar fashion to their laptops.

Downloading new media and other forms of media is a large part of the usage so considering well placed banner ads on media sites might be something to look into.

The age range is from very young to after 50 at least and with the more “mature” media putting a special emphasis in marketing user-friendly apps to the over-fifty crowd, much of the hard work is being done for you.

Putting your business message front and center on all devices is rapidly becoming priority.

Here is an example of a nifty ad made for the tablet by VISA.

As the ad clearly demonstrates, people love to interact with ads. The touch screen can even make it fun to sell your stuff.