Ten Reasons for Going Mobile

Mobile Marketing is not something new anymore. It seems like everyone has a smart phone and if you haven’t got the ability to serve your smart phone customer, your competitor does.

It seems as though you were just getting caught up and putting up a website and now you need to be on Facebook, Twitter and have the ability to be found easily on smart phones? Maybe its just a fad and you can just roll over and go back to sleep.

Not so!

Smart phones are here to stay and rapidly evolving. Even the big boys are scrambling to keep up but that’s all good news for you.

By having a Mobile Website, webpage or offer you will be head and shoulders above your competition. Check out the top ten reasons for going mobile.

Why Your Business Needs to go Mobile

  1. Over 90% of all smart phone owners keep their phone within arms length day and night
  2. Coupons marketed specifically for smart phone users get a redemption rate of more than 10 times that of the old style coupon.
  3. Just to explain the real popularity of the mobile phone consider that there are 7 billion people on the planet, just over 4 billion of them have a toothbrush but over 5 BILLION have a cell phone.
  4. It is predicted that Mobile Marketing will be the avenue used that will funnel over 15% of the money spent online.
  5. When a person is using their smart phone to shop – studies indicate that 9 out of 10 searches result in action taken – this can be broken down into over 50% resulted in a phone call on a mobile ad and over 60% were phone calls as a result of a local business search.
  6. Further break down mobile local searches and you find that over 70% result in action within the hour of the search! This compared to an online search which results in action within the month.
  7. Facebook may be a social network but they are mobile optimized and have over 900 MILLION users and the mobile Facebook users are TWICE as active as non-mobile users.
  8. Email correspondence studies show that the average person responds to an email within 90 minutes whereas a person reply’s to a text message within 90 seconds on average!
  9. The importance of an individuals smart phone is exemplified when knowing that it takes the average individual 26 hours to notice and report their wallet was lost and only just over one hour to report their phone was lost.
  10. Being front and center wherever your customer is looking will put you in a position that effectively allows you to compete head on with even the largest competitor.

Mobile Marketing in a basket
As you can see – as a business – by utilizing mobile you can really target your marketing efforts that will result in immediate and greater ROI than traditional methods. The response on mobile marketing is actually faster than any other marketing method in history.

Mobile marketing needs your attention and new resources. There are specific rules and education required to make this work efficiently for you.

To effectively compete on Mobile you will need to consider your mobile website, or at least a landing page. There are mobile apps, SMS campaigns and lead generation resources.

Mobile marketing isn’t the “next big thing” – it IS the BIG THING and its here!