Using Social Media Effectively

How much you understand about how to use social media for your business has a direct effect on your brands visibility. Using the social platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a way to increase your engagement, and the awareness of your brand in the social community.

Learning how to use social media involves tying it in with the rest of your marketing efforts. It’s is a great thing on its own – but – the real power is when you integrate it with everything else.

Take advantage of the interactive characteristics. Openly communicate with your customers and provide useful information.

Pay attention to what they are saying and dare to be different. Use unusual methods to stand out from the rest.

The analytics available on several different social media platforms should be scrutinized. There is much to be learned from how others are responding to your marketing efforts including click-throughs and feedback.

Organize this information and share the results with your team. It isn’t just the marketing team affected by the statics captured. As well, there is no need to wait to run a campaign before pouring over the analytics.

Before setting up an advertising campaign, set goals and anticipated results. Pay close attention and check the variables. Tweak one thing at a time and do several split-tests. Measure, compare, evaluate, and continuously re-assess.

Prior to getting started with the social media platforms take the time to consider what particular strategies do each of the networks offer and what impact will they have on your business. What is the demographic you want to target and where are they hanging out?

Evaluate your advertising budget. Some forms of advertising on social networks can be pricy depending on what your goals are.

Social networking may sound simple but each platform has its nuances and the learning curve is steep. You might decide to pick one, learn it well before you end up getting pulled at all ends and then have time for nothing.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking social sites will only take a few minutes of your time and still expect to be effective. Social media managers are one of the fastest growing job demands specifically because of the time and expertise involved. When you do pick someone to handle your social networking needs, be certain you want them to be the one representing your company. It isn’t enough to have a savvy computer geek, you need a geek with a personality.

Keep an eye on your social sites. It is a great platform to promote your business and its a place where customers and former employees can go to complain. You don’t need bad publicity sitting unchecked and unaddressed for a few days, or even a few hours.

When setting up your pages its OK to be a little personal. That is the point of ‘Social’ Media. You can use pictures of family and chat about things that will endear you to your customer. This doesn’t mean Tweeting about your bowel movements or your dessert selection at the drive-thru.

Posting business promotional videos that are warm and welcoming are a good way to introduce people to your business. Candid shots from the Christmas office party probably shouldn’t be marked ‘public’ if you post them at all.

Social media platforms can be a very powerful way to brand your company and to effectively advertise to your target market. Taking the steps to learn to do it properly will save you tonnes of time and tums.