Search Engine Optimization

You keep hearing about search engine optimization so what exactly does it mean? Search engine optimization (often referred to as SEO) is the process of improving or optimizing the ranking of a webpage or website in the search engines’ natural results.

When someone searches for something in a search engine like google, yahoo, or bing, they type in the keywords for what they are looking for and the search engines display the most relevant results for those keywords. See the image below for an example.

Search Engine Optimization – What Is & How To Do It?

The HIGHER the ranking and frequency of times a site appears in the search engine the more visitors/ traffic the site will receive from the search engines. Getting listed “properly” in the search engines bridges the gap between your business and your customers.

Search engine optimization DONE WELL helps your customers find your products and services.

If you are wondering about the Top and Side Listings in the image that is another form of search engine marketing (SEM) which focuses on paid listings. This is pay per click (PPC) advertising and marketing. Business pay the search engines a certain amount for every time a person clicks on the ad and is taken to their site. (See image below)

SEO can also refer to Search Engine Optimizer. This is someone like Big Business InsideTM that performs the various strategies and techniques to optimize a webpage or website for the search engines.

Here’s a basic overview of our Search Engine Optimization Process:

1. Competition and Opportunity Analysis – We find and analyze your top online competition and find the opportunities to outperform your completion and dominate your market.

2. Keyword Research – We’ll work with you and our proprietary keyword software to find the best keywords to drive customers to your site.

3. Tactical Plan – Based on your market and our research we’ll develop a plan for SEO that will bring the best return on investment

4. Onsite Optimization – We will optimize the pages on your site for the search to get them ranked high on the search engines and bring targeted visitors to your site.

5. Link Building – Our link building strategies will increase your sites ranking and popularity with one way links so you appear higher in the search engines.

6. Strategy review and Maintenance – We provide a maintenance plan, monitor and review our search engine optimization strategies

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