Invasion of the Cyber Hackers

At one time a persons main concern for security was whether their home, car, or business would be broken into. Once in a while there would be an armed bank robbery but for the most part – crime and thievery had a face.

Then we move into the digital world and our information is swiped from scanners and used for sinister means. Computer hackers are getting into our personal records, creating aliases without our knowledge and bringing down websites – including those with high level federal government security.

These cyber hackers profess to be good guys who through their actions bring attention to international human rights issues. Then the not-so-good guys who break into banks and steal money.

Just in the last couple of months there have been reports of attempted and successful hacking activities that have targeted some very critical venues. Banks, governments, and even the hosting companies themselves aren’t safe from these attacks.

Unlike some of the movies from the 70’s – these hackers aren’t some geek living in his mothers basement. These are organized, intelligent, coordinated and have a focus.

Some of the ways these attacks take place are by installing malware or hacking tools that invade your computer then are programmed to access the machine and carry out specified commands. Either copy passwords, credit card info, or even mimic your machine and use it to access another.

Part of why this happens is because many people don’t take the necessary precautions with their computers.

First of all – your smartphone isn’t as smart as you so make sure you password protect it. Its a pain to have to enter your password all the time but think of what you would lose if you lose your phone.

You should install anti-virus software on your computers with automatic updates and make sure everything is password protected.

When downloading anything make sure the site is secure and verify the authenticity of the software producer by looking up their ratings on Tucows or CNet.

When you get emails – look closely. No one will ask you to verify account numbers or passwords via email. Also don’t download anything you didn’t request.

Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you put on the internet is there FOREVER! It doesn’t matter if it was a tweet, a Facebook comment, or an entire website.

The bits and bites of your information are stored away into cyber long-term memory chips and could be retrieved anytime for sinister deeds.