Local Business Socal Networks


Do you find it a little confusing to figure out how to use the social networks to leverage your business sales?

Is that why you haven’t done anything much about it?

You might want to get your kit in gear because the most recent research shows that companies that aren’t actively involved in social networking online are being negatively affected.

The learning curve is a steep one and you need to focus on proper etiquette. Knowing when to use @ or # or RT so you don’t end up spamming people or mass following and getting banned off the social networks. Finding out when and how to make a sales pitch as opposed to friendly postings.

Once you get a little more comfortable you can leverage automation tools to publish, monitor and interact with your peeps. There are some very powerful tools that can spread your message instantly to many social networks at once.


You have to use this power wisely. If you don’t you will quickly lose people.

There is a bit of an art to building a following in your business social network. Even if you are only concerned with social media you will be able to reach more people (potential customers) by using effective campaigns. If your posts are informative and helpful, you will build and keep your social community network.

Otherwise you risk alienating your customers.

DO NOT buy fans.

Invite them, entice them, advertise, promote, give things away, bribe them to be your ‘friend’ or ‘follower’ but do not BUY THEM!

It might look cool to have 5000 fans on your Facebook Local Business page but it will be obvious where you got them. As well I predict it won’t be too long until the ‘fake’ fans and followers will be scraped from their perspective networks having a similar effect to the social network ranking that the recent Penguin Update had to Google search results.

Quality over quantity.

Track your response rates on your offers. Try various methods to encourage involvement. Raffles, freebies, and coupons are all methods of getting your customers interested in interacting with you and your company.

Be personal and real. Even though there are some great automated tools available, the majority of your posts should be human made. Using automation all the time is a good way to disengage your following.

As well, it doesn’t have to be business all the time, why not hold a vote on who’s going to win the world series? Cross promote by Twitter “come into the store and fill out your ballet”

Have a poll “how best to serve you” – this will give you great insight to a need that you can fill plus shows your customers you ARE interested in them. Listen, interact, communicate, and engage.

Social media for small business it is a virtual house party. Chat, participate, and help out when you can. Be a fun conversationalist at the party and they will become your customer.