Pay per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is by far the fastest way to drive traffic to a website. You can literally have traffic within hours of setting up an adwords account.

With pay per click businesses pay the search engines a certain amount for every time their ad is clicked on and the searcher is taken to their website. These paid ads appear at the top and right side of the search engine.

As Google has about 80% of the search market, in general you will get the most results/traffic from your adwords account. Yahoo and Bing have joined forces and are much EASIER than Google to deal with so also a very good option (especially if you’re new and testing it out). Another GREAT PPC option is Facebook.

Pay Per Click – Get Traffic To Your Site Fast!

You can do very targeted PPC campaigns in ALL the above options but Facebook allows for even greater targeting with demographic info and other options that make your ads VERY targeted to your specific customer. More targeted ads may be LESS overall traffic but they will be more qualified leads and likely better money spent.

3 Keys To Successful Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

1. Do keyword research and find out what your customers are searching for and the competition for those keywords. You ideally want HIGH search volume and LOW competition. You can use Google Keyword tool for research.

Also think of and look for longer keyword phrases. They tend to have lower competition and are more targeted buying terms. For example, a person searching for “small gardening tools” is more likely a buyer than someone searching for “gardening” who is likely just looking for info.

2. Once you have your keywords, set up your ad groups and ads to only have one or a few very related keywords together. For example, you would have “gardening tool” and “gardening tools” in the same ad group but “garden rake” in a separate ad group.

You also want to MAKE SURE that the keyword for the ad is in the page they are going to when they click your ad. This makes search engines and the searcher happier…better results!

3. Write compelling ads that address peoples problems and/or solutions to get people to click on the ad. You want to for sure have the keywords in the headline and in the ad if it’s possible. You can look at other ads to spark ideas for your ads.

This is sort of a given, but you also NEED to have something of value and a compelling website and message so people will buy your products or services when they land on your site.

Google has GREAT training in their business center on how to do pay per click so make sure you go through them all BEFORE you get started. You obviously want the best ROI on your pay per click so make sure you know what you are doing so you can do it properly and don’t loose your shirt.

If you would like help setting up and running your pay per click campaign contact us today for a free analysis and estimate.