Using Newspapers for Local Business Marketing

Maybe you’ve heard it said that “Any press is good press!” Although this isn’t exactly true for small local business, it is a fact that public relations and good press should be very much part of your marketing efforts.

If people in the local area read a report about your product or service they will be given a heightened awareness of your business. When they are in need of your service, because of the news exposure, you will be more ‘familiar’ to them.

Take the time to fashion a good public relations plan and execute it. Use your old fashioned local paper as a means of communicating with potential customers and remind previous consumers about you and your product.

By being conscientious about building a good reputation along with your advertising budget you will have a more effective marketing strategy. There is nothing wrong with having a great website, having it found easily in the search engines AND being in the Chronicle Herald or the Yarmouth Vanguard.

Tie in your online and offline marketing.

Be innovative.

Be different.