Direct Response Marketing

The usage of call tracking, customizing Direct Mail, the ability to segment database in a truly advanced way – then tying it all into the web and automating it has put Direct Response Marketing in high gear.

It isn’t a new form of marketing by any stretch since its been with us for over a hundred years. The World Wide Web just gave marketers another platform to strut their stuff.

The way this works is – if a person purchases product A they are automatically sent a postcard, but the same postcard isn’t sent to the consumer who bought product B.

There is then followup postcards with different offers and all are targeted to what the consumer self-identified as their specific products of interest.

The birth of the Autoresponder is an incredibly powerful tool. Now integrated with the internet the autoresponder can be both physical and digital. Email, text, postcards, DVD’s etc.

Costing more upfront than paid advertising smaller business’s have to weigh this against their ROI. The cost of acquiring new customers balanced against the value of a new customer may dictate the type of DRM you do.

New and small local business’s can combine paid advertising with direct marketing. Keeping track of all your results will help to decide where your time and money is best spent.

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