WEB 2.0

Web 2.0 was originally used to describe the change in the web after the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2001.

As the web evolved to be a more a social sharing medium the term web 2.0 started to be associated with web applications (sites) that have a more user-centered design and involve user participation, collaboration and information sharing.

A Web 2.0 site allow users to interact and collaborate with each other as creators of content in a social media dialogue. This is a lot different than the standard websites where users are limited to a more passive viewing of information that was created for them.

WEB 2.0 – Your Marketing Friend!

Examples of Web 2.0 sites include social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites and mashups.

  • It can quickly drive a lot of traffic to a site
  • It increases visibility
  • It allows people to share info easier faster than ever before
  • It generates great back links
  • It builds brand awareness
  • It generates brand feedback and dialogue
  • It can be used to sell products or services

Benefits of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 can create and maintain relationships with their customers and potential customers. This helps with customer generation and customer retention. The more businesses are interacting with their customers the more they are on the front of their customer’s minds and the more likely they are to buy from them and recommend them to their friends and family.

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