Video Marketing

Are you doing video marketing yet? Youtube is the third most popular site on the internet behind Google (1) and Facebook (2). Youtube has over 2 BILLION views per day and over 35 hours of video uploaded per minute!

Let’s face it people LOVE video…and so does Google! People would much rather watch a video than read something. The good news is MOST businesses are still NOT using video to its full potential or using it at all.

When done properly, video marketing drives customers and links to your site. This increases your rankings and most importantly… customers!

Video Increases Your Online Presence & Brand Awareness Making Your Business The Trusted Online Authority!

Big Business InsideTM can distribute videos you already have and create videos for you! We can create a unique YouTube channel for your business, and we’ll distribute videos to hundreds of video sharing sites.

Contact us today to find out the opportunities in your market and how Big Business InsideTM can help you succeed online and generate more customers with video marketing!

Here is a small sampling of local business promo videos:

Done in a wide frame – Broken Egg Production is our video production division and the intro is optional. This is a promo video for Chef Suzi in the Square

This video has been rendered in a traditional frame size as a promo video for The Carpet Guys